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This game was made in 48 hours for the Game Makers Toolkit GameJam 2021.

The theme was Joined Together, so here is a game where you play as two robots joined together trying to get through the level as fast as you can while avoiding breaking the connection between the robots. 

Touching any of the red blocks with the spring that connects you will break the connection, and the robots will die.

This game was made within the 48 hours given for the Jam, including art assets (excl. the background) and all of the coding. I know the art doesn't look great, I'm a programmer so I'm artistically challenged. 

I did have to change the idea 16 hours in as I had overscoped massively and needed another idea so I didn't drown in imposter syndrome. 

I'm reasonably happy with it, I know it isn't a masterpiece and I know I'll be quite far down the leaderboard, but for my first 48 hour game jam I'm very happy with the progress I made and the result of it all.

I would have loved to have included a WebGL version, but the build didn't work and I started to run out of time. 

Install instructions

- Download the .zip file onto you computer

- Right click on the file and click "Extract All", clickling Extract to continue. You can use 7zip to extract the files as well. I'll assume you know how to use that.

- Enter the extracted folder (Windows might do this automatically) and double-click the "Swingbots" file that is classified with type "Application". If it helps, the icon is a purple square.

- Enjoy the game!


Swingbots_Windows.zip 20 MB


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wow this is really cool